Upcoming Schedule

CLOSED May 10th thru May 17th

- Tuesday, May 18th: 7:30-11am The Retreat Germantown (Mobile ordering available)

Wednesday, May 19th: 7-9am Thornwood Germantown (Mobile ordering available)

- Friday, May 21st: 7:30-11am Thornwood Germantown (Mobile ordering available)

- Saturday, May 22nd: 8-12pm Cowden Ave & Marne St

For mobile ordering, go to Odeko.com to download the their free app.

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About Us

Taylor & Hannah Whiddon


JoJo’s Espresso is a mobile trailer that sells specialty coffee beverages and freshly baked pastries. Our goal is to serve coffee in areas of Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding suburbs that do not have quick access to specialty coffee shops. We will park in areas around busy intersections. We will also make our trailer available to special events such as business parties, weddings, conventions, church events, etc. JoJo’s Espresso will make its best effort to provide the best brewed coffee and or espresso and pastries in town. We will be in the business of helping our customers to relieve their daily stresses by warming up with one of our specialty beverages in different convenient locations, offering friendly customer service and supplying products of consistently high quality.